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Happy children playing on a small airplane jungle gym

Welcome to

Son Rise
Child Care

Learn. Play. Grow. 


Over 700 books to grow and nurture your child's curiosity!

Play Garden

Green grass, a garden, swings and slides. Plenty of room to run and play with new friends.


Dedicated classroom learning environment with a 1:6 teacher student ratio.

A cute charicature of a hedgehog made from colorful paper.

Imagination Zone

A dynamic and inspiring space where kids are given the tools they need to use their imaginations

Small boy helping a friend put a shoe back on.

Our Approach

We believe that self esteem is a critical component to optimal growth. To help children develop a high self esteem, children are treated with respect and with the philosophy that every interaction is an opportunity for learning and growth.

What Parents Think

"There is alway something for the kids to learn. Your child will never be bored with all her activities from gardening to computer education apps. Zada is very big on development and asked to be involved with my child’s IEP to build consistently with the school."

J. Carter

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