Our Purpose


SonRise School Age Childcare began with our earnest desire to reach out to the Avon community and their respective families. We exist to provide an warm, safe and nurturing environment for children where they may thrive. Our dedication to families stems from our belief that Jesus encouraged little children to come to him, and encouraged adults to become like little children. Of course his admonition had nothing to do with maturity and everything to do with the excitement, faith, and innocence so prevalent within the hearts and minds of children. Sadly, children are growing up too quickly today, and are losing their childlike qualities too soon within our society. One of our main goals is to help children maintain that innocent sense of wonder while, at the same time, encouraging adults to recapture the excitement of youth.

We earnestly desire to reach out to children with the love of Christ, guiding them in principals for living that will assist them in becoming positive role-models within today’s world. We also desire to reach out to families who long to provide the most beneficial atmosphere for their school-age children while they are at work. Further we strive to incorporate various activities that will engage the physical, spiritual, intellectual, social and emotional welfare of our children. Finally, we believe character is extremely important and will focus on Respect, Responsibility, Sharing, Honesty, Compassion, and Good Sportsmanship within our center.