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Diverse Learning Environments



Welcome to our Library, a world of words and wonder! With over 700 books, this is more than just a place for reading. It's a complete learning environment. Our library also features two computers, engaging puzzle games, and a suite of arts and crafts supplies. Large tables are perfect for creative projects, and personal cubbies keep belongings safe.


But it's not just a space for learning; it's a community hub. We share meals, tell stories, and create original artwork. Sometimes, we even put on plays and concerts. Come explore and imagine with us!

Charicature of a small cute bird made with colorful paper.

Play Garden

Step into our Play Garden, where the wonders of the outdoors come alive! Our lush garden is not just a playground but also an outdoor classroom. Children learn to cultivate their green thumbs as they participate in gardening activities, growing their own vegetables from seed to table. Through these hands-on experiences, they develop a deep appreciation for nature and gain valuable life skills.


We celebrate the joy of harvest by creating delicious, home-cooked meals from the fruits of our labor, fostering a sense of community and culinary exploration.



Welcome to our Preschool, where every day is a new adventure in learning. Our dedicated educators provide a nurturing environment where children engage in daily activities that lay the foundation for a lifetime of intellectual growth and inspire boundless curiosity. Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to stimulate young minds through hands-on experiences, interactive lessons, and creative play.


We believe in fostering a love for learning, empowering children to explore, question, and discover as they embark on their educational journey with us.

Imagination Zone


Step into our Imagination Zone, where the world is a canvas for creativity and play knows no bounds! Here, young minds can explore a world of possibilities, from running their own miniature restaurant and grocery store to embarking on prehistoric adventures with dinosaurs or zooming into the future with cars, trucks, and planes. Our extensive collection of blocks, toys, and props allows children to build, imagine, and dream to their heart's content.


At the Imagination Zone, the only limit is your child's imagination, and the possibilities for fun are endless!

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